Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we looking for?
Kanga drivers are entrepreneurial go-getters, who love delivering excellent customer service & are safe, and responsible behind the wheel. Kanga is a growing company that connects drivers with people who need to get stuff from A to B quickly, professionally and affordably.
What are the requirements to become a Kanga driver?
Clean driving record
Own a Reliable Vehicle (Bike, Car, SUV, Van or Truck)
Current Registration, Insurance & Driver’s License
21 Years Old or Older
PayPal Account
How do I get paid?
Drivers are paid weekly via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to get started.
If I have a regular job, can I still drive in my off time?
You sure can! Kanga offers total flexibility. You choose the hours you want to work and which deliveries you want to make.
How do I apply to become a Kanga Driver?

Download the Kanga Driver app to your iOS or Android device and submit photos of the required documents through our secure registration system.

Required Documents:
Driver's License
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Insurance
Personal Headshot
Front & Rear of vehicle
What is the application process like?

The first step to becoming a driver is to download the Kanga Driver app to your iOS or Android device.

Once a screener reviews and approves your application, we'll walk you through the app and introduce you to your local support team.

What if I have two or more cars that I'd like to use as a driver?
We can add additional vehicles to your profile provided they are properly registered and covered under your commercial insurance.